Friday, September 18, 2009

Midnight sleep

Friday, September 18, 2009

Day 46

Midnight 1:11 am till 2:42 am, i watched her sleeping; I really had a blast tonight at Resty’s birthday party; I got drunk and enjoy the night away, just for tonight. i just did not care about all the drama that goes on in my life and everything, I got to spend time with my friends. we only do this once a year on someone’s birthday.

But still I can’t hide the facts that she’s always in my mind; I really love her so much and I can’t resist my heart beats on her every minute. I am happy to forget all the things that have hunted me in the past, it depressed me. I have faith in what I do now and have the best thing in life was having faith with my love to her.


And in the moonlight midnight, I watched while her eyes was closed, and breathed softly, liked an infant sleeping. I can’t resist my deep emotion to be fall in love with endless moment to her. And I want to watched her like a baby till I got sleep. Good night… you know how I love you so much..

I Love you always…

my mood: 4.3/10


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