Monday, September 28, 2009

The car problems

Monday, September 28, 2009
Day 56

It’s another day of my countdown. yesterday, 4:30 PM, I am ready to go home and my mind is set to home flying ahead of me, chatting with my wife. I turned off all the light inside the office, I walked slowly to the corridor. When I am near at the front gate, my boss catch me there. I never thought that he will be back after he left at the office.

“my car won’t start up!” he’s pissed off.

“don’t leave the company till those guys won’t fix my goddam car!” shouting… irritated.

i went back into my room, i switch on the lights. Then I thought that the replacement car they brought early morning it was not working properly, It will stuck up in the middle of the deserted highway.

I dialed there number, the phone rings, “hello, please fix the caprice car now! otherwise, if you will not fix it right away I will raise a big complain to your company!” I said.

A moment later, there mobile workshop was arrived, I thought that the problems was only car battery that has been discharged and need to be replace, but it’s not the battery that has a problem it was the starter that won’t start, so it is really a big problem. its quite late now its 5:30pm, and I want to have a rest for the long day that I have been working so long. It’s really quite tiring day, but I should find a solution how to fix the following problems.

1. My boss need a car

2. We don’t have any transportation for tomorrow

3. We need to drop the other guys to the town

4. The available car is in the Yanbu airport

5. I’m hungry and tired

it’s really a hard time for me to decide, but I should not waste my time standing doing nothing… then I walked closer to the mechanic and the supervisor.

”Start the car…please“ I said.

The Mechanic replied “the car will start but he can’t used it for a long time…”

The Supervisor said “the car need to be return to the workshop.”

“Just start the car!” I shouted,

“it is not supposed to be happened if you were doing the right thing from the start, you are not supposed to delivered a damage car here!” I commented.

They keep silent.. Now, I’ve got planned in my head. Then I walked back into the office. I sat on the visitors chair in front of my boss.

“boss, the car won’t start till tomorrow. They trying to fix it now, but I am afraid you can’t used it all day” I started talking…trying to convinced him..

“They are here..?” he asked.

“yes…” I replied.

"Please use the other car just for tonight? then tomorrow I will try to arrange a good car model 2009….” his tired and stressed… I know he will agree… I thought..

“okay” he agreed.

I gave him the car key, then I walked back outside with my boss, I turned off the lights and closed all the doors gently. then he left desperately….Next, I heard the car was starting… I called the other guys to sat at the back of the car and we will drove them at the town.

I’m not talking, I kept silent… I had a bad mood….while we are hovering along the way to the downtown I felt tired and stressed, Then after we dropped the guys at the town… we went to the car workshop.... I put a little complained to the manager… I said “blah, blah, blah and blah blah” just to make it sure that it wont happend again. next, i asked for the new replacement for tomorrow. Then, we drove to the airport to take the new car 7:30PM, night.

It was 8:00 Pm, when I got home. Well, I did a lot of work today, i am so tired and i need to go to bed early to night, but you know I still have a little time to use up with my wife online till I got slept. I miss her so much, I want her to hook up in my dreams all the time.

I am very sleepy and i just want to go to bed and just dream about all the different things in life with her when we’ve got married. i have to keep my head up high and know that i am just never going to find anything better then i do right now in my life and I just want things back to the way they use to be, I’m tired I need someone with me. I love her to be with me anywhere anytime.

I know today will be okay… with the help of my every day prayer…

My mood: 5.3/10


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