Tuesday, September 15, 2009

i love her to death

Tuesday, September 15, 2009
Day 43 - part 3

Well, I am just texting and calling my wife and i love her to death she is my everything in life and i am so happy to have her in my life and that just how i feel. i am bored out of my mind and i am just in a happy mood right now, I really want to go out now but the clock was to slow to move. I just want to have a talk with my wife and chat till midnight. because it's a very nice for me to hear her voice online.

i am feeling like i need her face to pictures in my mind, anyway i just miss her and she's my everything. I just admire all the things that i am thinking to her and i am happy for once in my life and please don't fuck that up for me i will be a mad man if that happens.

Actually, I am just very happy and that i have someone in my life that really cares about me and loves me and just wants to be with me and i am totally happy. I am thinking about her right now and i am so wondering if she hates me because of last night and i knew that something was going to happen but i guess i have my head up high to know that i am going to be alright because i am in love and i love it.

I really love the fact that i can talk to her about anything and just know that she always there for me and i am happy for once in my life. So my heart is taken but i know in my heart and soul that things are working out for me in the long run and i am just me i guess.

My mood: 7.2


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