Saturday, September 19, 2009

in a good mood

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 47-basketball game 1

After yesterday games I am determined to be in a good mood. I feel great right now and I don't want to let anyone mess it up. I am listening to my I-Pod and I am enjoying my music. If anyone tries to mess up my day I will kick their ass.

it's not the first time I feel the love that I wanted to be felt with my baby, she loves me everyday of my life and i am sincere to love her in return. by the way, tonight I have plans to go out with my friends after the volleyball game and we're going to have fun for night swimming, I’m sure tonight swimming it’s a blast for fun. I am not a hot mess today and it'll stay that way.

Anyhow, Baby…. whatever I do, I will always stay on your side as long as there is life left in my body. I will proudly hold your hand in mine. I will forever be your lover, as a husband to be, for a lifetime. Your man, your partner. Forever and ever and a day. Baby, I love you, always have always will. Remember that as you go through the day, and think of me that I will remain forever’s me...

I love you always.

My mood: 4.3/10


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