Sunday, September 27, 2009

Typhoon "ONDOY"

Sunday, September 27, 2009
Day 55

The worst flood in the recent history of the philippines. I live in the street of tondo metro manila since I was born but I never saw such a floods like those, I never had experience those shocking floods during my days.

I think typhoon “ONDOY” started strong rainfalls night on September 26 2009. And I know the families from there houses they were just all peacefully sleeping due to just strong rainfalls made by typhoon.

But In the morning when you woke up.... you will be shocked.... if you will witnessed those devastating floods all over the NEWS worldwide.

Araneta Avenue

Ayala Underpass

Buendia Cashin Carry

Stranded on the roof


Excelsior view

Fort Area

Hypermarket silver city


Makati Peninsula


House for sale

Wilson Street

Xavier CRV

Valle Verde Guard House

Araneta Avenue

Araneta near Sta. Mesa


Marikina Palengke



Quezon City

Taft Avenue

Vito Cruz

Pureza Manila

Stranded on the roof

my mood: 6.2/10


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