Sunday, September 27, 2009

i will wait...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day 54 – part 4

It's past 2:30 am. I am still uploading the video from YouTube. Because of that I can’t connect to my yahoo messenger web cam and voice call,  and I can't sleep, I crave to see my baby for the whole night, I feel like I have so much on my heart and mind, that I cannot get rid of it till I didn’t see her.

The thing is... first, I just wanna see her and talk to her for all the things that might interest me, second i just wanna make my self feel comfortable and relax, third I really want to keep her voice, and pictures to hook up In my mind before I went to sleep. but of course I know that tomorrow my feelings will change because you know the love I felt for her can keep my mood happy all the time, i love her so much no one could ever changed for it and that is how I feel. And that’s final

I don’t want to think I've been lonely because its upsets me, and that’s why I want to have a talk to her often. It is a good thing for me and I love what I am doing... I love her so much… Indeed.

Now my sleep consists of 2-3 hours last night. Anyway, I have been up at 10:00am, this morning and still the video that I am uploading it’s not finish yet till afternoon for only just 10 minutes time limit interval from You tube.

However, tonight I won’t get sleep again till I didn’t see and hear her voice online. I just wanna sit and wait for her.

My mood: 6.2/10


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