Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Tuesday, September 22, 2009
Day 50 - Sunday night...

Right, I sat in the corner of my housemates room with a glass of vodka (sadiki) and energy drink next to me. first, the team lost in the basketball on game-2. then, the visitors from the camp arrived at 8:30PM, and everyone started to drink and smoking, I took one stick of cigarettes, and another one, and another….. Actually, i don't like smoking but still I continuing to load my lips for a new stick of cigarettes, I don’t know why, but I just thought that if the smoke I’d blown in the air my rants will fade away and permanently disappeared forever. Sometimes I like being drunk, it’s like my night off from reality.

However, while I remembering my past problems, I am listening to the old classical music blaring from the laptop at the background. to change my mood. I love classical music….while having some fun, we are not noticing the time was ticking off from 9:00Pm, Sunday till 3:00am, Monday morning, and the groups were just talking nonsense subject and where the subject drove and headed about, were just laughing on it, because all are high and dizzy. It’s amazing to be drunk sometimes, you just feel so relaxed and high and you forget about all your troubles. The head spinning, feeling so light, just laughing about stupid stuff, the warm fuzzy feeling you get, and no worries. I'm totally drunk, and the night was moving fast.

Finally, 4:00am, Monday.. I’m in my room, it has been a really crappy Monday. I had the day off and was excited about not working up to an alarm. I am on a deep sleep and odd dreams stayed with me till about 10:30am in the morning, no breakfast, not thinking to have lunch ahead, I lost my appetite and I’ve got hangover, but I took Panadol to stop the headache.

My mood: 7.0/10


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