Saturday, June 13, 2009

Having fun at the beach

Saturday, June 13, 2009
Today, I packed my things early morning, headed to the beach with some good friends to have a good time. I am ready for fun! An exciting weekend!

it started here, we arrived first in the cottage and i gave over a quick glance at the far stretch of the beach with a sweet smile. Suddenly, I felt like my stomach was squeezing so hard.. ahhh.. I was so hungry then. I looked around to search for foods but waited for others to arrive. Anyhow, while waiting for other friends to come, I went to the sea side and I have found a collapsed sand castle and all of a sudden, I remembered my baby.

a few hours earlier, before i went to the beach, I woke up early to see her in cam and she's online, then we talked about few important things before I left, and it made me feel glad because she came up with a good news to enlighten my day.

The day was bright and cool and my mood swing has been washed out, talking to her, I literally felt a level of great relief in all of my problems that is about to happen.

out of the blue, one big red van has come and without saying anything a bunch of x-men suddenly appeared, broad smiles I have seen on their faces, a pleasant appearance, enjoying good pleasure which is great knowing that everyone is having a great day.

there's no time wasted, they went to the beach straight right through it, and then they started to play beach ball, some rolling in the sand, swimming, fetching, chatting and picture taking.

the beach is always a great place to play at and have fun. Enjoying the beauty and magic of that beach never fades out.

happy Friday!




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