Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Today has been a great day, I've gotten so many calls and text from her for past few days and I appreciate all her efforts, thank you, I’m glad she’s not tired yet. However people are being really nice to me today perhaps my prayer every morning has it effects and have been blessed, in My Myspace is essentially growing In my number of friends, also in Facebook and Friendster, I've been thankful that I am a member of those social community websites.

But, I also would like to thank all of my readers for reading my daily journal at Blogger.Com title Moving Stars. I’m so happy and enjoy to blog more because I have Lots of various visitors from all over the world reading my blogs and continues receiving some email from the readers.

Opening this Moving Stars at blogger.com account has really helped me vent my feelings in a healthy way. Now It seems to me that it is not destructive to write what you feel inside your heart and besides everyone knows that I have been beating down so hard. But now I wasn’t depressed Anymore.

This has really helped me talk about my feelings for the day today basis. And the type of blog that I’ve read throughout my day today online surfing finding some answers for all my question in my mind, through experience of other people online, truly it helps my mood increase and getting back to my normal stage at the moment.

For the first time in my life, I feel As If I've accomplished something I would have never done before. A Record of my current life and memories from my past and future has brought it all to me, love, Fame, fortune, friends, family and people who can’t get enough of me, anyway I’m sorry.

Life for me is simply amazing, and behind all of these things my Inspiration is all credited to beautiful Ms. Marivic Ramirez! She's An Amazing Woman, And Someday i would Love to meet her again hoping all the dreams that I have been planned to her would be finalize. She's brave, tough and smart independent woman, that I look up to.
Every day I heard her voice in the phone, and listened to her praise music, I felt good and it inspired me to keep going on in my career, and also for all my investment that I have been hardly want it to finish right away, You are a real great woman that i admire in so many ways.

But, of course I would like to thank Mr. Edwin Vidal for his patience and understanding whichever my mood appear he's always been there to calm me down and support, yet he gave moral advice to let me focus on my right course!

That's It For The Day!

My Mood 7.1/10




To my babyxxxx

I am so lucky....very lucky indeed to have you in mylife. I've been so blessed to have you and your unconditional love for me. You are always giving me support emotionally, morally, and spiritually. You are always encourages me to walk in the truth.

You are always guide me in my everyday living. You are always giving time with me. You are spending lots of hours and hours chatting and talking to me until early morning just to tell me how much you loves me and cares for me. Even you have only little time left to go to sleep and you need to waked up early to go to work. You are sending me hundreds and hundreds of text and phone me as often as you could.

You did looked after me when we were together on holiday, cooking meals for me, washing my clothes, making me laugh, protects me and shows me how much you love me in every ways. You did not leave me alone. Your love is so amazing, powerful, and strong.

You are brave to tell the whole world about what you feel and how you feel.
You are strong to find ways to deal with your emotions.
You are kind to support your family and friends and other people who needs your help.

Thank you so much baby! I couldn't thank you enough for loving me and trusting me. Thank you so much to love me wholeheartedly. You making me so happy being in love with you. You are my LOVE and my INSPIRATION. You are my MYLIFE and my EVERYTHING. I DO LOVES YOU WITH ALL MY HEART.

I will never be tired in showing you everyday how much I love you and how much I value everything you do for us and our relationship. I will never be tired in texting you everyday and phone you everyday to tell you how much you mean to me. I will support you and comfort you whenever you needs me. I will love you and care for you, and i will respect you and be faithful with you everyday of mylife. I wil never leave you alone. I will always be here for you.

Soon..... we will be together physically and never be parted anymore. All the dreams that we have planned will come true. You and me living together permanently.

And most of all, we will be together praising the Lord and thanked HIM everyday of our lives. For HE brought us together in LOVE.

I love you with all my heartxxxxxxxxxx

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