Tuesday, June 16, 2009

you broke my heart

Tuesday, June 16, 2009
and now I feel empty. I miss your voice when you call me, I miss your smile in the morning, but this is might be my destiny. and yet for me it was my real love for you, but now I understand that there is no hope for me and I don't want another chance to fall in love to anyone, I don't want to suffer anymore.

I say you were my flower, you were my world and my world is around you. I can't forget you. I feel im not what you want, you make me feel so useless sometimes, I always try to feel you are more important than all the others as much that i could do but I can't do it very well probably because i am across the sea, im living in another part of the world.

here I'm thinking about you like all the memories that we had spent for a couple of days and also those hours by the time I felt that I have been in love with you. I really dont understand why the world let it happen to me now, i felt frustration, upset, and discourage.

i really couldnt understand why my life treated me like these, now there's a big question mark in my mind!

do you really love me?!

Should I go away from you?

If I would do this, I should do it now, I will run away over for my thoughts far far far away. so does our story end.

this love was the best love that has ever happened to me, no regret. but, you don' t understand how much I love you, and what I could do for you, to make your life better as much as possible.

my life is a piece of shit! I want to forget you, I want to forget everything, I want to forget this time of my life.

i hate myself for being me... i felt down...

you broke my heart.


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