Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Stay positive!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009
Today is a very good day. It is calm and okay. Am not mad (finally), maybe I was just real tired from the past few days acting like wacky weirdo, paranoid. by the way, she’s okay and we’re fine at the moment.

Now im at my work, feeling great. yet having a nice feeling again after i have been having an hours of talking online lately, now im cool (lol). I sleep late night. And I kinda like it, stresswent out, i set my heart free, talking to her is just like a cure to my painful heart, broken pieces of my missing heart, the cure has been done. But I have to try to switch it around for sometimes, go around together with my friends because maybe i am choking her lately.

Today is a good day for me and also to my girlfriend. It’s a crazy feeling, I know what most of you would think, after all that and this drama we go through. But lately, little by little, things have been going okay with us. We’re cool everytime but not for the first time in a long 3 days and 3 nights.

I love feeling good. Well I’m not like completely happy because I’m kinda irritated if mycalls are unanswered as well as i am a wacky paranoid to her, i should stop being completely a mad man, self centered type of person before anything goes wrong.

So I don’t know. Besides all that I hope all is well with you all and you all keep your heads up and stay POSITIVE!




Reading your blogs makes me think you are quite a sentimental guy.. while i sympathize with you during your lowest moment, i would like to believe that you can go over with it in no time at all..that's right, you should be positive in your outlook in life... problems are always there to make you a better, cheer life to the fullest...

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