Sunday, June 28, 2009

Never Alone

Sunday, June 28, 2009


I was asleep and woke up with lot of thoughts in my mind and waiting to see her online. Although, perhaps she might not going back home tonight till tomorrow but I wish in Jesus name I know she will kept her promise to God and to me as well.

Then I tried so hard to go back to sleep, but I could not. Anyway, while am lying in my bed, I am thinking about the times that we've spent together for past few months, although I wonder if I'm dreaming this magical life with you. Being in love with you brings joy into my life again, which is I thought that I couldn't find this feelings to anyone anymore. 

I am just thankful that you're in my life. The road for us is still long and wide and very, very difficult for us, but remember I will always be by your side to support you, no matter what…

There have been hard times, bad times and good times for both of us. We have reached new and higher level of love for what we have shared in the past few months till now, and I would do it all over again with you if I had too. I have no regrets.

Now, with the help of our God the creator of heaven and earth I will not be afraid for though I have faith on him and gave you my full trust for the angel of trustworthy has been blessed you of his mighty sword.

Please understand that we have so much to give to each other and lot’s of patience to bear. Though, I look forward until the day we will meet, waiting until the next time I can see you and be seized close in your arms so tight that all doubts and all suspicious motives should fades.

I believe it is closer now than before but It is just that there might be a few more obstacles that we need to clear up.

In my blog The whole world can see and they know how I felt for you. I love you so much and you will never be alone.

My mood: 7.1/10


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