Saturday, June 13, 2009

Random thoughts

Saturday, June 13, 2009
first of all, my internet connection sucks and that is why i could not blog quickly. i know and I am 60% sure that the modem we are using is having a problem. perhaps a firewall such as spyware application that prevents every connection not to connect into the world of internet.

A running application in the Random Access Memory itself blocked each application not to connect in the internet and the browser will show error. and that is why I am Randomly offline…....

second, i am tired of my sick "English" I think I should go back to my elementary class on 1st grade just to make sure that I will do my homework and make sure that i will study hard.

however, I am just heartbroken to find someone cruel enough and closed minded to tell someone that I am writing bad and boring, I hope my friend won’t felt tired to correct my English grammars, sentence structure and specially the tenses…geezz I hate English….

third, but everyone can write, not everyone will publish, but everyone is capable of putting thoughts and emotions on paper... right!

finally, this thought is part of my journal for today..sorry everyone but i had to let it out,



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