Sunday, June 14, 2009

losing weight

Sunday, June 14, 2009
I still haven't lost anything, but it's my own fault. I have nothing and none to blame right now but my lazy self.

So, after work I decided to loosen up just a bit today. go straight to the gym its cool, its a good habbit to start with. now I didn't do the "oatmeal diet" but last night after dinner i know i gain more pounds because i tasted kare-kare with ginisang bagoong on the road its one of my favorite dishes, it is delicious! yummy!

Now, I haven't been working out or eating like I should. I'm scared that I've lost what momentum I had for the past few months, i want my body stay fit and so my chances was not gone, i like exercise.

But I have to keep pushing forward for my health, i am determin to push right throught it. now i will convince myself that i should go back to the gym.

i hope that I lose a pound of weight till the end of this year.



Losing weight is only good when you're overweight! Losing weight doesn't necessarily mean that you're physically fit and healthy.. it takes two to tango... just like exercise comes together with proper diet...exercise without proper diet doesn't work out good for you in the same way you eat proper diet without exercise, anyway, good luck hunk-to-be

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