Thursday, June 18, 2009

sounds like me, the real me...

Thursday, June 18, 2009
what the earth im thinking why i wrote sad stories in my blog it supposed to be a happy one.. or otherwise vice versa …, okay, I will think a happy moments, and it should sounds like me, the real me...I hate being me...anyway!

now, I am staring in front of my computer screen and paused for a while, not to think negative but of course trying to write positive way but it should be nice happy moments. I have lots of thoughts flowing in my brain right now, goes in and out. but all of the thoughts flowing are all way through sad emotional stories….

Now I have a bad feelings. Perhaps i should need to recover my feelings first and start to learn to turn away everything that it cause my heart pain and learn to forget the past and yet accept the reality that we can’t control bad things to happen, it just happen.

I’m trying my best to think a better way how to improved my emotional feelings quickly. I should improved myself a whole lot more this coming year, otherwise I cannot completely finish my contract. So I’m not going to be perfect and pretend that everything is okay, because really I’m not okay...

I’m afraid I can’t think the right way to write a blog for now…not for today..I’m sorry.

the real me...


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