Friday, June 26, 2009

lets start all over again

Friday, June 26, 2009

From the first time I saw you, I was attracted. But Never have I regretted a moment spent with you! and To think that I should better straightening my life and my future so I could be able to stand and protect you when it necessary.

A dream to live together is accomplishment. but somehow you forgot about the important person by your side, ME!. Things became a mess but I’m still stuck by, i am trying to wake you up to come back and hoping that things will come back to normal, because you are losing the most important gift of God, which is love… 

please don't let go now, be brave. Good or bad I’m always with you, I will not let you down. 

If I am able to travel back in time, I would go back to the moment I met you, and start all over again. This time I have an understanding on what needs to be done and what makes you happy. 

I know we are only human, and as humans we can't do magical things.

The next best thing that can be done is don't give up, be tough and strong, ask guidance and protection to God. but somehow i asked question what I would do if you had that other option now, I know I can’t do anything, I am helpless. but, i learn that i should be brave and have focus to our God.

But please Let me love you as you should be loved and take care of you for the rest of your life, to see all the dreams we talked about, and to grow old together, to take care of you when you are in love and be there when you just need a shoulder to lean on. 

I am not giving up on you, and I don't ever want to. Fate will always be in our hands, and the future controlled by us. Let love be, and let's be happy together. let's start all over again.

My mood: 7.1/10




I give you everything
My heart, my mind, my soul
My life and my whole being
I live now because of you

I love you so much!!!
I dont want to loose you baby
You mean so much to me
Until my last breath
Only you my heart is
Longing to be with you

And only you can make me happy
And only you my heart desires
We will live together soon
We will be united in love and harmony
We will be as one

By the grace of God
HE will unite us, protect us
And we will be together
Praising the Lord
Everyday of of lives
For GOD is so good
He is so good to us

Blessed be the name of the Lord!!!!

I love you with all my heart and soulxxxxxx
I am your baby and will be forever your babyxx
You are belong to me and I am belong to you
We will live together forever
In love, trust, ad faith
To our God who loves us.

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