Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Missing Heart

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

i feel i always will be alone. The pain inside of me will not subsideI am longing for something that i can never touch or hold again I wish my heart was broken one for that would be easy. For in time it would heal itself.

But I'm afraid my heart was shattered in to a million pieces each has been blown into every corner of this cursed world. im scared never to hold your hand to feel the warmth from you while we sleep together on the coldest of nights. Oh how i wish i could once more look at you and wrapped up in each others arms, But alas these are just now memory's buried deep in my mind.

I now no that darkness will always be an unwanted friend A never ending midnight, surrounding me until my end. Satan following me,laughing at me looking at me with those snake eyes, He knows my heart could never love again. I have been cursed since i was born.

good bye my heart, maybe we will find each other again in the afterlife, until then, i will go on living in my heartless coma ,waiting for all my pain to end, end to end.


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