Saturday, June 6, 2009

it was a bad day

Saturday, June 6, 2009
It was a bad day, I feel really depress and down cause I can not go to work if i had these feelings, I have friends but they dont care what you are in. Also there was no calls, no text, no emails, and no family here who will care.

I just feel so tired, everyone thought I am doing good, I have my own work, my apartment to stay in for another contract to be finish, so what? no one knows inside of me, I am not a businessman, I am a little man, I want someone who can give me her shoulder to lean on at all time, I want to have someone cuddle me all the time, or someone who cares and loved me.

I know, I should not complain anymore, people like me should be satisfy what I have, so many people out there they don't even know if they can find a job.

I admit, god loves me, he gave me so many thing and protect me all the time.....but I really want a woman who really love me and let me feel loved.

thought things are complicated. can i blame myself if i have been working here in saudi arabia for almost a year and nothing happens since then? it was my bad idea to come here. thats why dont complain and shut your mouth.

Anyway, just write don't tell. just let someone read and tell and put comments in every thoughts that you may write. let them say what they want to say.

just write don't tell.


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