Saturday, June 27, 2009

angels of righteousness

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Many things have happened in the past, and many things have changed. It doesn't matter how much time has gone by. Time could never make my feelings being weak or fade away, it getting stronger and stronger. Now we are back together to give us one more chance. Love, trust, understanding, affection, honesty, tolerance and loyalty are key factors for a successful relationship. God’s fate is always in our hand.

You're my theme for my dream! Every moment were having chat together we grow closer. but I'm simply hanging by a moment because my heartfelt fears and scared when the day of the week came and you are somehow, in any chance.

thinking to find someone who will ease your loneliness for a short period of time. I cannot do anything about it. If that the case, I’m mute. I could say I’m helpless, it belongs to God’s hand now and I consider it faith and trust for you.

I can’t do anything for it but only to pray that God the father will wake you up, enlighten your pathway straight right through our dreams and let God touch you and show the wonderful things that will be happen to us in the near future. I will pray that the angel of righteousness will give you guidance until your heart and guilt are awaken.

Now, I’m waiting until the next time I can see you and be held close in your arms soooo tight that all else worries and all fears should fades.

My mood: 6.7/10



Thank you ever so much for the love you are giving me. The love so wondeful I couldn't imagine the complexity of it. I'm so blessed by our God to have you in mylife. To have you in mylife is enought to make my world so bright and keep me going full of inspiration and hope that one day we will be united as one and we will live together always and forever. I love you so very much and I will love you everyday of mylife until my last breath.

Our love with each other would be tried and tested but we still stick to each other and love each other more and grow to better understanding of each other.

I will keep my promises to God and I will keep my promises to you. I will focused on growing in God' grace and in my knowledge of Him through His word and in my walk with Him. I pray to God He will keep us together in love and faith with Him. And we will walk together with him and His word abide on us.

Everything is on God's hand!!!

God Bless you, our plans, and our relationship.

I miss you so muchxxxxxxxxxxx

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