Sunday, November 15, 2009

lets have a walk

Sunday, November 15, 2009
Day 102 – part 2

I walked three rounds tonight in downtown, because I need to see something new in my eyes for a change, or I need to free my mind by walking on the street, feel the cold night air or something that if I am back into my room I am pretty tired and ready to lie down for a sleep and not to think much for something I know it will put me down forever. well, life goes on in the rough road, and it’s my fate, indeed... Yeah.. i have it, since then.

I still believe that life will not stop to move forward. Life is short to be unhappy. I am happy anyway, If you asked me… I walked with God and I prayed every day… (damn…, I am whining again…), I am old enough, I am tired, I’ve got my plans ahead, and I will not against the will of my father in heaven whatever he wants me to be I will stand, and i will walk on his own will and that is one thing I know for sure. I am happy, very very happy. If fuck things happen on the way, it’s okay. Life goes on in a certain way, each either rough or smooth. we can't avoid it..... just learn from your experience, perhaps you will gain a lesser pain.

however, let's go back to the mainstream, I am still in the process of doing something good, though that I should better go out there and explore the world by walking, doing exercise and by moving my body in healthy ways that help myself lose the pounds I earned, and I am very concerned about my body weight… ah, yeah, aside from that I need to feel the freedom on the outside world. And also you know like somewhat kinda losing the pounds if you walk three to four times in a row on the square type downtown, it’s not really a hard thing to do.

Walking is something I can do that I am free to be me and not worry what people think. You don't have to be a certain age, or color, or gender, or pretend, or anything, you don't have to be or say anything but what is you. You can speak your mind, or exert your feelings by walking, if your sad, walk. If your mad, walk, If your frustrated, walk.

So, I thought to share this passion of mine, a passion for God and a passion of walking.

My mood: 3.2/10


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