Wednesday, October 7, 2009

hardest day of the week

Wednesday, October 7, 2009
Day 65

Yesterday, it was the hardest day of the week, it was a Long day as usual, I am drained and really felt weak, although I know, I don’t have a proper sleep last night, though. I don't know sometimes how i manage to go to play basketball and work, it’s so exhausting! Of course I’ve caught myself hoping my mood will be good for this week and I never forget about it. because in my concerned, I created this blog to keep an eye of my moodiness, and it is one my best reasons.

However, last night it was a bad night for me. I got scheduled to play basketball. And I am not really felt okay, because you know I had a sleepless night as I told earlier. anyhow my rival team one of their player was keep on bullying me, teasing me till the end of the game, I’d lost my game play and I’ve been disappointed of my game, when I went home, my mood was too low and i found discouragement .

Then I walked out today morning that my mood was still low. but I was thinking today, when I first got to work, I thought that I was only going to be there to do my job, to earn money, to let the days passes by. Now, if I’d look back. its already been five months since my last vacation. I never would have thought I would have been here this long so fast. I hope there something will happen today that would uplift my spirit for a good reason.

My mood: 5.0


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