Tuesday, October 20, 2009

im gaining weight!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009
Day 78 – part 2

oh, god I’m such an idiot. these past two months I’ve been eating so well. like I always felt hungry, even though I know that my stomach is already full or i just finished eating and yet I can say that I am still hungry. Now I’m gaining weight!

so the 64kg that took a two months of starving to death now is out the window. yaki, I’m 68kg again! oohh no. fuck my life. tomorrow I’m going to start eating healthy foods. my favorite fruits. I hate myself sometimes for eating lots of calories and I am not doing something to burn my fats. i should start to loss my weight!

this should be added to my to do list, like Saturday, I’m fasting. maybe Sunday too if I’m strong enough. and i don’t care what my mind was craving to thinks for a tasty yummy foods. I will eat plenty of vegetables this weekend. Ha,ha,ha,. whatever. I want to be 62kg by November. and that’s what I’ll be.

by the way, i guess my mood was quite well okay, and i've gotta few more days left to finish all the week that i've been felling better.

My mood: 2.2/10


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