Thursday, October 1, 2009

I left to work early

Thursday, October 1, 2009
Day 59 – part 3

I left to work early, because I am not in the mood to do something that requires my physical strength. Then, I phoned the driver to drove me back to my flat, maybe I just need to have some rest because last night I slept late again and my eyes was felt sore. That’s why I really need to get out as early as I can. I can't help it, and my mood was very low.

after a 30 minutes of travelling. I arrived in my room quietly. And yet I don’t felt hungry, there was no sign of starving at the moment and I am having about to take a nap, then a few seconds that I closed my eyes, Marivic called me on my mobile. She informed me that she was at the bank, and she was okay.

Anyhow, Surprisingly I felt I am gaining energy while I’m lying down on my couch having chatted to here on the phone. I'm having an OK day so far. I feel, I am very good again. I feel, I am a lot of my good mood has gaining while I was felt glad that I was talking to her again. which means I'm thinking about things a lot more better now.

My mood: 5.1


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