Friday, October 2, 2009

so far so good

Friday, October 2, 2009
Day 60

Friday. well, today is the perfect day to rest, I'm just hanging out in my room thinking about what i am going to do while I am listening to my IPod. Wow, it’s really hard for me to write if I am not doing anything right now, my brain was still sleeping, my mind were too lazy to find ideas for something to blog about.

Anyway, I don’t care if I can't write a lot today, what I am worried about is my mood, so far my mood is good, I have been doing very well. I’m happy If I can maintain my feelings in the whole day. I really don’t like my mood emotionally unstable. Its freaking me out. I'm so sick if my mood driving me crazy, I always hated myself, I always blaming myself, self pity. And still looking for the darker side of my past. I can't help it.

I love the way I felt today, better than the last three months that I have been struggled. then i got two beers  in a row, just for fun, sometimes i need my mind to get out on the real world, but of course, i love my baby so much, I love her as I always do, I love her that’s why I'm so much depend unto her.

My mood. 5.2/10


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