Thursday, October 1, 2009

it all HURTS

Thursday, October 1, 2009
Day 59 - part 2

today's another day. I woke up feeling tired and a little sad. I’m trying to let things go, not stress so much. but, I can't help it. i went to work late, and I am still feeling low.

I hate my thoughts. thoughts that I’m not enough for the woman that I love. that she needs more that I can’t provide. right now, it hurts me a lot to think that my cut is still bleeding, the cure is not enough.

I'm still in pain. thinking for someone that I love with someone else hurts me. picturing someone with their arms around her, it hurts me. thinking that I won’t get the chance to hold her, or to kiss her, or to tell her how much I love her in the future, and the worst thing is, if there were no plans at all... it all HURTS.

My mood 6.9/10


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